What is Learnalytics?

Learnalytics is the tool that Solve Education! developed to monitor, measure, and report students’ learning behaviours on its game app, Dawn of Civilization, and use the collected information to improve learning.

Solve Education! Approach

Lots of Fun

Scientific studies show that fun has a positive impact on what we learn and how much we retain

Lots of Learning

Fun increases levels of dopamine, endorphins & oxygen - all things that promote learning

Lots of Result

Fun boosts learning effectiveness, memory retention

Why Using Solve Education! Platform?


Instant Feedback


Personalised Speech Training

Flexible Learning

Engaging Content

Accurate Analytics of Process

What You'll Get

Student Success Scorecard
We show each student’s learning progress using a periodical line chart
Learning Behaviour
This metric is used to illustrate students’ soft skills, i.e. grit, diligence, and discipline
The Popularity of Mini-games
We evaluate how engaged is each student with the mini-games on the app and how long does each student play these minigames, in minutes
Periodical Learning Intensity
We detect each student’ passive behaviour or inactivity indicating that they are not interested in learning/playing
Certificate of Completion
We will provide each student with the certificate of completion that states their overall performance during learning
Letter of Recommendation
We will provide a letter of recommendation for each high-achieving student which can be used to apply for jobs on Solve Employment!

How Much Can You Save?

To follow students’ learning progress in real-time mode, you don’t have to spend so much money!

Only USD 1/Student/Month

*Minimum 3 months

The Importance of Learnalytics

At Solve Education!, we are devoted to overcoming barriers that limit student access to quality education through a mobile phone gaming app. Our focus is on finding ways to make learning compulsively engaging on a platform that allows it to reach those who need it most. As a human-centred technology, we ensure that we cater to the needs of our individual students and provide them with evidence-based education. By accessing Learnalytics, you can hold us accountable to maintain our standard of teaching, respond to students’ needs and modify the game app according to what promotes the best learning. We believe that educational data can improve the quality and value of the learning experience on the app.